Jazz Band

Summer Jazz Camp

Who: for students ages 12-18, students on any instrument are welcome
When: June 20-24, 1-4 pm
Where: Shining Light Music (129 SE 3rd Street)
Cost: $75, make checks payable to Shining Light Music

This workshop is designed to kick start jazz improv and theory skills and keep students working on basic music fundamentals throughout the summer. Topics include music theory, jazz style, improv, district/state audition preparation, listening, analysis and more!

If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Harrel or Nick Rowland

**Register Online for Jazz Camp 2016**

PDF Files of the jazz camp handbook can be found here.

All District and All State Audition Packets (Complete)
Example and Background track recordings of All District/All State Audition Etudes
(additional materials include The Preacher and  Kenny’ll Make It (Bb Blues) – see complete packets.

Major Scale Practice
Major scales are the backbone of improvisation. Pick a scale to practice and use these play-a-long files for accompaniment. (Straight 8ths, tempo is q=100)

(download the files here)

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