URGENT: Choir Moms Needed for Dress Fittings MONDAY!

We have over 100 girls who must be fitted for dresses next week and I need your help! No experience necessary 😉 Please reply right away to help one or more of these times:

Monday 9:00 a.m. – Noon
Monday Noon – 2:45
Tuesday 7:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

May also need:
Tuesday 10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Please email Mr. Harrel with any shifts you can help with and he will forward your information to Christina Calderon

Thank you so much!

Welcome to LSW Music Parents 2016-17

Good afternoon,

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer and is ready to get school started again. If your student is no longer in the music program, please let me know your students name and I’ll remove you from our software. I do my best to not flood your inbox with information, as a result sometimes my emails can be a bit long.

Let me start off by saying thank you for the privilege of being the Music Parent President for the 2016-17 school year, this will be my four year in the position. In addition to volunteering for this position; I’ve got a full time job, a wife and four kids (from 9th to college junior) who are in involved in all areas of the music program, sports and the crazy schedule that comes with it.

The more involved I’ve become the more I’ve been blessed with getting to know the very talented students we have at LSWHS. Even if you don’t see my name on a volunteer sheet I’ll be around somewhere helping out. Please include your younger children as mine have enjoyed it over the years.

Our first music parent meeting will be August 30th at 7pm. Our music parent meetings cover a variety of topics. Each meeting is different on duration but I do my best to keep it to an hour or under, this first meeting is usually the longest and most attended. Music parent meetings are not mandatory but we’d love to have you there.

If your student has money in their student accounts please remember that they can be used for music related fees, this includes the activity fee that was required at registration. If you would like to do this, please visit CHARMS to get a copy of the Student Account Request located in the Forms section of the handouts. Forms and other information for the music parents organization can be turned into the lock boxes that are located in the band or choir rooms. We also have a mail box at LSWHS.

I’ll be sending out a monthly music program update that will include what’s been going on, what’s coming up, information from the music directors, volunteer needs, etc. Some news and notes:

– Music parent meeting as I mentioned above on August 30th at 7pm.

– Ice Cream Social – This year it’s on September 20th, it’s our biggest general fundraiser and a great time to enjoy fine music performed by our students and a good meal. We need many volunteers to help make this event possible. Please mark your calendars to watch the students and volunteer! Tickets and a letter will be sent home with your student shortly. If you’d like to help with the Ice Cream Social committee, please let me know.

Attached is a music parent handbook. Our hope is that this guide will help new and experienced parents alike as to what the Music Parents Organization is about and how we support the LSWHS music department. I’m also attaching how to access CHARMS. Charms is our software that we use to email, keep track of student account financials, volunteer needs, etc.

We hope to see you at the meeting as we have a lot of events planned and need your active participation. If you should ever have any questions, concerns or comments please contact me via email, call or text. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can and don’t hesitate to grab me at a function.

Thank you for your support and go Titans!

Brent Grigsby

LSWMP President


LSWMP CHARMS – Handbook.doc

Marching Band Parents Info

2016 Marching Band Parents,

We look forward to seeing you at all of the events. You will be receiving an occasional e-mail from the parents’ organization to keep you informed about parent related band stuff. I have already received questions about how all this band stuff works. I have attached a PDF of information for the new band parents. It has a brief description of the types of band events. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

I will begin e-mailing directions, maps, and other information for the marching competitions this week. Those e-mails will go out as we receive the details from the host schools. Some of the information and entrance fees are already listed at http://midwestmarching.com/2016-events-by-state/missouri/.

Many of the parents will carpool or caravan to the competitions. Please speak up if you are looking for a ride or someone to follow.

Thank you to all of the parents who help out. We can always use help in the band room and on the field. However, there are many of you that would like to help but are not available to help during performances and competitions. We have plenty of behind the scenes jobs if you are interested in helping with the band program. I have included a list with many of the jobs below. The most critical jobs we have at this time are fitting the uniforms and prop design/construction. Please email me if you would like to help out with the props over the next few weeks.

I have a goal to collect a giant list of your various areas of expertise. The program might benefit from your expertise, advice, or ability to access needed supplies and materials. If you are interested in helping out please consider filling out the following Google form:


The toughest job of all is taking care of your own kid. Often the best thing you can do from home is to make certain that they leave the house early with their gloves, shoes, socks, and instrument on performance days. Being prepared for the day reduces stress and makes for a better performance.

Thank you,

Scott McMilian

Parent jobs (this includes grandparents and other family members)

These are not all of the marching band season volunteer opportunities. These also include some long term wish list projects.

Props – design, construction, painting, and maintenance

This may involve sewing, welding, woodworking, artwork, painting, etc.

Percussion Room – shelving design, construction, and organization

Band room percussion cabinet – design and construction

Trailer maintenance – repack bearings, clean and wax, etc.

ATV maintenance – tune-up, etc.

Sound system – minor repairs, build cord reels, speaker carts, etc.

Percussion instrument maintenance – painting stands, wheel and tire repair, checking nuts and bolts, educating the students on keeping an eye on maintenance issues, etc.

Uniforms – Fitting, plume plucking, uniform rack monitors, assist with dressing, gauntlets, occasional ironing, end of season washing, etc.

Percussion trailer – loading and unloading (training the students to load, unload, and operate the tie-downs…so they don’t need us anymore)

Helping on the field

Helmet racks/stands – (for football games) design and construction

General equipment loading, cooking food, serving food, etc.

Ice Cream Social – group of parents to lead the music parents through the ice cream social process. (planning, cooking, serving, etc.)

Band Rehearsal Tuesday/Thursday AND Make-up Eligibility Meeting

Hi All!

We will get back to it THIS Tuesday and Thursday night. Rehearsals both nights will go from 6:30-8:30pm.

All students will need to wear light weight athletic shorts and a short-sleeve tee shirt for the uniform fitting, as this is what you will wear for performances underneath our uniform.

We are asking all Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to come at 5:30pm on Tuesday to begin the uniform fitting process.

All Rookies will begin on the parking lot at 6:30pm.

Rehearsal will be over at 8:30pm, so please make sure your ride is there on time.

On THURSDAY, during rehearsal, we will be taking a group picture, individual button pictures, and senior poster photos. However, we will still have rehearsal as well.

IF you and/or a parent missed the meeting last Friday (at the end of band camp), you will need to attend the make up meeting at one of two times tomorrow night (6pm or 7pm). I would imagine the later meeting will be less crowded.
REMEMBER, this is a requirement to perform and must be completed prior to our first performance on the 19th. IF you miss this meeting as well, you and a parent will have to make an appointment with the activities office during school hours to take care of this requirement.

See you Tuesday night!

End of Band Camp performance, meeting, etc….

Good afternoon all!

Tomorrow marks the end of our band camp experience for 2016. Sad….I know, but we will cope.

We will perform for the parents on the southwest parking lot on campus at 4:30pm.

Please bring a bag full of non-perishable food items as we are doing a food drive in conjunction with our performance tomorrow night to benefit a food pantry "yet to be determined" in Lee’s Summit.

After our performance, we will all pile into the PAC and go through the eligibility/commitment form process. It is required that all students and at least one parent go through this and sign the form after having the information presented. IF the student and/or parent is not present at this meeting, you will need to attend the same meeting for athletes on August 8th. Students will not be able to perform in the August 19 ball game unless this process is completed.

See you all tomorrow afternoon!

Marching Band Camp starts on Monday morning!

Looking forward to Monday, hope to see your son/daughter bright and early.We will start with an 8am meeting in the PAC for all students.
Make sure they bring the following:

  • sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • water bottle/jug
  • instrument
  • lunch (they cannot leave for lunch time)

Students should be dropped off and picked up at the back door to the band hall (south side of the school nearest the loading dock)

We will end each day on time at 4pm. Please make sure your son/daughter is picked up on time so the staff can leave each day as well.

Please send the fee worksheet (attached to last email) and first payment OR full payment by cash or check made payable to LSWHS. We will be collecting that at lunch time

As of Friday afternoon, there were still about 10 students who have not turned in their physical. PLEASE turn it into the front office immediately on Monday morning before coming to camp.

Friday – Band Camp Performance/Clash of the Titans Meeting
On Friday, we will perform for the parents in the southwest parking lot at school at 4:30pm. We will then go inside to hear the students play. In addition, Mr. Hubbard (our new AD) will go through the commitment form, eligibility requirements, etc… and have you sign a contract. This has to be done by one parent and the student. If a parent cannot make this meeting, you will need to attend the sports meeting on Monday, August 8th (time TBA). If I were you, I would take care of this at our meeting as it will be much easier for you.
This event will conclude no later than 6pm.

Just a reminder that we will have two more rehearsals before school begins, as per the schedule.
Tuesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 11 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Clifton D. ThurmondDirector of Bands, Lee’s Summit West High School

2016 Marching Show Preview

Here’s a look at the 2016 Marching show, as performed by computerized cartoon band members! (It looks awesome). This is going to be a great year!

(*the last section will be added soon!)

Marching Band Camp 2016 information

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of our journey together. We, the staff, are so excited to get to work with your kids this year.

Below you will find the following:

  • an updated camp schedule
  • an updated band schedule (summer and fall)
  • the fee structure and worksheet (you will need to print this off and send it with your son/daughter to band camp on Tuesday, July 26th, with a check made payable to LSWHS or cash)

Please notice that we changed the time of the performance/meeting to 4:30pm on Friday, July 29th. We will have much to do and show you that afternoon. Hope you can get off work a little early and join us.

All new members (regardless of grade level) should report to Rookie Camp on Friday, July 22nd at 8am in the band room at LSWHS. We will be finished 12pm.

All other members of the band should report to Camp on Monday, July 25th, at 8am in the PAC at LSWHS. We will be finished at 4pm each day that week.

2016 Marching Band Camp.docx
MB Schedule 2016.docx
Brass Fee Structure and Worksheet 16.docx
Drumline Fee Structure and Worksheet 16.docx
Woodwind Fee Structure and Worksheet 16.docx

Drumline Camp 2016

If you have a son/daughter in the drumline at LSWHS, our Drumline Camp is coming in just 9 days!
Just for some points of clarification, there are two sub-sections within the drumline, the "battery" (snare, tenors, bass) and the "frontline" (mallets, piano, auxiliary percussion).

Battery will start camp on Sunday, July 17th at LSHS at noon. You will need to check in by 11:45am, so maybe you can go to church early that day 🙂
Below, you will see a schedule of events for this 2-day camp put on by the Blue Devils (a drum and bugle corps) In addition, there are two forms toward the end of the packet that you need to have filled out and brought to registration before the first session begins. You do NOT need to fill out the registration form, as I have already done so for you.
Please review the schedule so you are aware of time commitments.
This camp will conclude Monday night with a trip to see the DCI competition in Warrensburg. Transportation will be provided by the school district (stay tuned for more information about this)
The battery will then continue it’s camp at LSWHS on Tuesday morning from 8am to 3pm and continue through Friday. There will be a short lunch break, but you are to bring your lunch. NO STUDENTS are permitted to leave campus for lunch.

The attachment below is ONLY for battery members.

Frontline will start camp on Monday, July 18th at LSWHS from 8am to 3pm and continue through Friday. There will be a short lunch break, but you are to bring your lunch. NO STUDENTS are permitted to leave campus for lunch.
In addition, students will be attending the DCI competition in Warrensburg on Monday evening. Transportation will be provided by the school district (stay tuned for more information about this)

Fees for this camp will be collected during band camp the following week, so no need to bring money.