LSW Music Papa John’s Give Back Night – Thursday Feb. 9

Hello everyone,

Thursday, Feb. 9 is our give back night at Papa John’s. What a great night to order pizza for the family.

Here is some information :

Papa John’s Pizza (923 SW Lemans Lane – Raintree Location only) will be
donating 20% of all sales between 5 pm and 10 pm on Thursday, February
9th to the LSW Music Department. All coupons will honored. No flyer
necessary for us to get credit for the sale. Make sure to mention LSW Music!!!!


Andrea Kaiser

LSWMP January Notes

Good evening,

I hope that everyone had a great holiday and start to the new year. It’s been a quiet time for a couple months but things are about to pick up. In the next few months we’ll be needing volunteers for many different contests that we’ll be hosting at LSW. News and notes below:

District Contests: We need lots of volunteers to help each day be successful. In the past we’ve had around 6500 total students perform at our high school for the entire contest. That doesn’t include the roughly 200+ volunteer positions in addition to family and friends that go through the school as well. Each volunteer shift will receive a portion of the concessions sales we receive during the district contest.

– March 10 & 11 – This is when solos and small ensembles will be for both choir and instrumental. We hold these at LSWHS and will need many parent volunteers to help run this.

– March 31 & April 1 – These are when we’ll host part of the large ensembles for band and all of choir.

– April 5 & 6 – These are for the rest of the band large ensembles and also all of orchestra.

– Volunteer positions will likely be posted on charms within a couple of weeks, they are first come first serve.

Taste of Lee’s Summit: This is an opportunity we have to help Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation with support of the school district. We need 10 volunteers that are willing to help for the evening on March 4th.

Music Parent Officers: We’re in need of parents willing to step up and donate some of their time to help the music parent boosters fill officer positions. A couple of the positions open for sure next year are: Treasurer and Merchandising. There are some officers in their senior year next year that it would be good to have someone to shadow them preparing to take over: Secretary and Band Uniforms.

– With that said if you’re interested in any of our positions please let me know.

– Without the support of parents stepping up to help run the boosters we won’t be able to offer our music program the support they need.

Upcoming dates:

– January 25-28 – MMEA

– January 31 – LSWMP Meeting (more updates to come after this meeting)

Thank you,

Brent Grigsby

LSWMP President

Kirt Mosier – Retirement Announcement

January 19, 2017

Dear LSWHS Orchestra Students and Parents:

It is with heartfelt emotion I announce to you today that I will be retiring after this school year. Teaching and affecting young lives in a positive manner has been my passion since my first day on the job in 1986. These past 31 years have literally flown by. I’ve always heard this expression said by older people and now I’m living it. I generally feel like I’m 24 until I look in the mirror :).

One thing I always tell the students is that the only constant in life is change. I must admit to you, I am very sad about this change. I feel just as much passion and zeal for what I do now as I have at any other point in my life. I want you to know that until the very last minute when I walk out of the school doors in May, I will be doing my best here at LSWHS. I also consider these orchestra students mine until my school keys are returned. [for some that may feel like a curse 🙂 ]. Until then, you will find me serving as I always have — to the best of my abilities.

If I am to consider the future and take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves, now is the time I must make this change. This year, 3 of my 4 children will be college graduates and my 4th will have finished his sophomore year in college. I have a new granddaughter I love dearly and I will get to see her more. I will also be taking advantage of conducting and writing opportunities that the good Lord has blessed me to have, as well as working on my internet publishing company.

One thing that I would ask you to consider is to give who ever follows me a chance. Just as each new freshman would hope to be accepted after the last class of graduating seniors, I hope you will give the next professional to follow me a chance. Our school district is a great place to teach and we will be doing everything possible to secure an awesome teacher for you.

I cherish the time I have left with these wonderful students. I love these kids dearly and hope they achieve great success. As always, I will continue to challenge, cajole, beg, inspire, trick, threaten, poke, prod, demand, ask, and hope for them to develop themselves fully so that they may reach their potential.


Kirt Signature Large (1).png

Kirt Mosier

PS: I have historically shown this Jelly Bean Video to the students. It talks about using time wisely. I find this especially meaningful this morning. I hope you will watch it.

Titan Pride Update, January edition

Greetings from your Titan Band Family!

Here are some updates and reminders from the band world:

  • Tickets for the Kauffman Center concert are currently on sale. Please refer to my email sent on the 12th for that link. All members of the band program are involved in this concert.
  • WIND ENSEMBLE (4th Hour band) has a rehearsal THIS THURSDAY from 4:30pm-6:30pm, in addition, I will be sending you a detailed email later this week concerning our upcoming performance on Sunday and Friday, the 27th
  • The last payment for our Chicago trip is due on February 1st. Feel free to take care of that anytime before that date as well. A detailed email will be sent to participating student’s families at the end of this month
  • If you are not a member of the Wind Ensemble, please join us this Sunday for their preview concert in preparation for the MMEA performance next week. The concert will be at 3pm in our PAC. The concert will also include a performance by the Northwinds (a community band from Kansas City)
  • The next two pep band performances are on January 30th and 31st, please make sure students know their assignments for that.
  • Another reminder to keep July 31 through Aug 4th open for band camp next year. In addition, percussionists need to keep the week prior (July 24-28) open as well.

Happy Monday!

Upcoming Kauffman Center Concert for LSW Music Department

To families of ALL music students in Band, Orchestra, and Concert Choir:

Students in Band, Orchestra, and Concert Choir will perform at the world-renowned Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, March 12th at 2:30pm. We are very excited about this very unique opportunity afforded to us by the collaborative efforts of the Kauffman Center, our Music Parents Organization, and several community business sponsors.

Through this partnership, the Kauffman Center is providing the facility at cost and will not be making a profit on the student performances. In addition, the center is returning all ticket proceeds to the Lee’s Summit West Music Parents organization as a fundraiser.

This special event will allow our students to perform in the Kauffman Center’s Helzberg Hall, providing our student musicians with an experience to remember for a lifetime. We anticipate selling out the 1,600 seats for the concert and encourage our Lee’s Summit West community to invite all family, friends, and avid music-lovers.

Ticket prices for the concert are as follows: $20 for Orchestra and Parterre; $15 for Mezzanine; $10 for Grand Tier. The performing students are admitted to the concert at no cost.

Tickets will go on sale January 12 and can only be purchased online through the Kauffman Center Ticket Office at

Thank you for your continued support of the music program at LSWHS! More information will be coming as we grow closer to the event.

Happy New Year!

The Music Staff

Missouri All State Band Members

Congratulations to all the Titans who auditioned today for the Missouri All-State Band. The following titans were selected to this fine ensemble:

Stephanie Richardson – 2nd Alternate Oboe
Brett Barger – 10th Chair Clarinet
Patrick Hu – 11th Chair Clarinet
Kinady Allen – 2nd Chair Bassoon